We’ve finished our last Warriors Heart Retreat for 2023, which also happens to be our 10th. See details below. Special Thanks to David Corlew and the Journey Home Project for supporting this partnership!

Operation Song®, and our partners at Warriors Heart, conducted our 10th retreat at the Warriors Heart Lodge on Monday, November 6th. The weather was beautiful and we wrote five incredible songs detailing the dedication and determination of some of countries finest.

  • “Rock Bottom,” written by Billy Seddon, Jr. and songwriter, Dickie Kaiser
  • “Still In The Fight,” written by John Templer and songwriter, Justin Heflin
  • “Who Saves The Saver,” written by Arianna Emmons and songwriter, Jessee Lee
  • “A Reason to Be,” written by Gary Cheramie and songwriter, David Lee
  • “Sober,” written by James “Jaimie” Sandoval and songwriter, Tom McElvain

Warriors Heart continues to make an impact in the lives of veterans, first responders, and operation song as well. We never leave there uninspired and cherish the partnership we have with them.

A big “Thank You” goes out to David Corlew and the Journey Home Project for supporting us in writing more than 60 songs with these worthy veterans and first responders. The retreat is so talked about and sought after among Warriors Heart clients, that they literally try to pay each other off, or provide favors in order to get on the retreat list!!

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