The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project


Return Rehabilitate Reintegrate

The mission of The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project is to help identify, support and implement the various needs of the men and women of America’s armed forces returning from service.  We owe them an unpayable debt of gratitude.

After many years of service, and for some, multiple deployments, the journey home can be a complex process based on the issues of being away from family, friends, and home.  Health, both physical and mental, education, and employment are just a few of the many issues both returning vets and families are faced with.  

It is our passion to be a beacon of light to direct the veteran (and or family) in the best possible direction to facilitate these needs.

With many years of experience working with various foundations that provide this type of support, our goal is to identify the best of the best, to not only be good stewards of donated dollars, but to seek the best assistance available for our veterans.  It is a critical mission that needs every American that enjoys the freedoms we share, to participate. They’ve earned it.


Hazel Daniels


Maj. Gen. Terry M. “Max” Haston